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Welcome to Turbo Spray Midwest!

We are the industry leader in custom spray guns and finishing systems for paints, adhesives, mold releases, slip coats, and other liquid coatings. Our true low-pressure guns waste less material, improve working conditions, and give you more precision in your spray application.

Turbo Spray Midwest, Inc. has been providing cutting-edge technologies since 1980 and we pride ourselves on innovative design and quality work. We feel that the success or failure of a liquid coating operation lies largely with the atomizer and fluid controls. Our engineers design and machine our own equipment to custom fit your application.

Typical finishing systems are wasting too much coating due to high velocity particles, generic design on caps and tips, and sloppy mixing and flushing techniques. Our mission is to reduce your coating usage by 30% minimum, decrease CFM, give consistent film builds and give your operators the tools they need to keep your spray process under control. Learn more about our Spray Gun Products and Finishing Systems.

“The Turbo Spray automatic gun is great at atomizing our coating at 6PSI and creating less of the “fogging” effect in our spray booths that we previously had with other so-called HVLP guns. We’ve reduced our coating usage, booth filter usage, put more paint on the part, are keeping our exhaust issues under control” Manufacturing Company in Indiana