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Product Differentials

So what make a Turbo Spray product unique? True low pressure systems, this is what Turbo Spray refers to as “true HVLP (high-volumn, low pressure) low pressure spraying, the ability to spray at pressures below 10 PSI.

Transfer efficiency is the most crucial part of our process. The higher the transfer efficiency the less material wasted. By automating the spray process you remove the human error element and increase efficiency through the use of proper spray techniques.

One of our spray guns even has the ability to spray a stripe of liquid coating as small as 1/8” wide due to the low pressure air source coming into the gun and air cap design.

Our mission is to reduce your coating usage by 30% minimum and give your operators the tools they need to keep your spray application under control.

Common Transfer Efficiencies:

  • Single part OD sprayed, with HVLP spray gun: Transfer efficiency 50%
  • 3 parts OD sprayed at 8″ target: Transfer efficiency 30%
  • Rotating gun head, spraying the ID of a part: Transfer efficiency 85%
  • Spraying the OD parts on 3 horizontal rotating rods: Transfer efficiency 80%
  • High pressure spray into cement mixer: Transfer efficiency 50%
  • Automated tumblesprayer with HVLP spray gun proper fluid controls and removeable carriage: Transfer efficiency 80%