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“We could not find a special type of spray gun and air cap extension that we were looking for, so Turbo Spray built it for us with their engineers and machinists”

Aerospace Company

“Turbo Spray provided us the newer technology that we needed in terms of compact spray robots and part identification”

-Tier 2 Supplier in Mexico

“The Turbo Spray automatic gun is great at atomizing our coating at 6PSI and creating less of the “fogging” effect in our spray booths that we previously had with other so-called HVLP guns. We’ve reduced our coating usage, booth filter usage, put more paint on the part, are keeping our exhaust issues under control”

-Manufacturing Company in India

“Turbo Spray worked with us from start to finish on engineering a compact complete spray finishing system and implementing it on time and under budget. We were even able to do some spray testing in their lab before building our machine”

-Tier 2 Supplier in Ohio

“We used Turbo Spray for their experience in “true” low pressure fluid controls and flow metering”

-Manufacturing Company in Michigan

“We used Turbo Spray because we needed to completely think “outside-of-the-box” when it came to a new spray system for our facility. They were able to design the system to fit in our small floor area, provide efficient spray gun solutions using low fluid and air pressure setting of 5 PSI, and provided us the optional RTO burner unit that mounted right above the system”

-Tier 3 Supplier in Kentucky

“By going to the Turbo Spray hand spray gun #840P, we were able to reduce our overspray considerably, due to the fact the gun actually sprays at a low fluid pressure setting of 5 PSI”

-Manufacturing Company