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As of March 1, the recirculating spray guns now have the updated TSM-368-R Fluid Tube, TSM-367 Crush Washers and TSM-366 Fluid Inserts.


We have made an improvement to the design of how our (TSM-308) Fluid Tube and (TSM-306) Fluid Tube Insert seal together in our TSM-300M and TSM-840P series spray guns. These spray guns contain our newly designed (TSM-368) Fluid Tube, (TSM-367) Crush Washer and (TSM-366 or TSM-366-FM) Fluid Insert. These parts are functionally the same as the old parts and will not effect your current setup, however they are not interchangeable. This change currently does not apply to our recirculating spray guns or rotary spray guns. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact our office, your sales representative or email engineer@turbospray.com.
300m Custom Spray Gun
All of our spray gun products are true low-pressure products. We offer various stainless inline spray guns for spraying rubber/extrusion profiles. With no fan width adjustment comes to ability to have less parts, but we also have spray guns that allow for manual width adjustments. We also offer a wide variety of tip/needle/air cap/connection fittings available with these products. Maximize your efficiency with our various low-press spray equipment. Browse our wide selection to see what product best suits your needs.

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