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Turbo Spray was founded in 1980—our first products were only hand spray guns and turbines. We’re now a family-run company with our own machining and manufacturing capabilities. We have our own 15,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Howell, Michigan and a sales offices in Georgia and Mexico. Our facility has the ability to machine all of its own equipment including all low-pressure spray guns, extension nozzles, prototypes and gun controls. We also have floor space for engineering, testing and building complete spray finishing lines.
We have a wide variety of high-quality and dependable products for your coating needs. Browse our shop to see various low-pressure spray gun products and finishing systems. We also have various automation equipment for many different industries.
Our experts are able to customize different parts to fit your needs. Allow us to work with you on specific design options. We also provide our clients with consulting, sales and technical support. Our solutions allow you to produce better products.
We serve many industries, including automotive, aeronautics and the consumer products markets. Our automation equipment services and capabilities can’t be matched by our competition. We pride ourselves on being an industry partner for all of our clients.

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