About Us

About Us
We are the industry leader in custom spray guns and finishing systems for paints, adhesives, mold releases, slip coats and other liquid coatings. Our true low-pressure guns waste less material, improve working conditions, and give you more precision in your spray application. We’ve been providing cutting-edge technologies since 1980 and we pride ourselves on innovative design and quality work. Our engineers design and machine our own equipment to custom fit your application. It’s our company mission to reduce your coating usage by 30% minimum, decrease CFM, give consistent film builds and give your operators the tools they need to keep your spray process under control.
Our History
Turbo Spray was founded in 1980 by Jim Hynds Sr. Jim was a paint salesman who looked to low-pressure spray equipment (HVLP) to compliment his paint sales. Turbo Spray’s first products were only hand spray guns and turbines (used to produce the atomizing air for the spray gun).  Fast forward, and we’re now a family-run company of 15 employees with our own machining and manufacturing capabilities.  We have our own 8,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Howell, Michigan and sales offices in Georgia and Mexico.
Company Overview
Our facility has the ability to machine all of our own equipment including all low-pressure spray guns, extension nozzles, prototypes and gun controls. We proudly serve many industries, including automotive, aeronautic and consumer products. Our experts are on hand to provide customer support, consulting and special design services. We also have floor space for engineering, testing and building complete spray finishing lines. We’re proud of the wide range of solutions and high-quality services we have to offer all of our clients.
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